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Welcome Racers! 

Who is ready for the 2024 ORL Season? We made big leaps last season and have decided to keep the Power Rankings on a tiered point system and continue to crown Season Champions at the end of the circuit. Race for the Rail turns 10 this year which means HOTTER & NASTIER SPEED! 

There will be 6 ORL Sanctioned Races this season to gain points towards the rankings and qualify for Race for the Rail. There are two different types of Sanctioned Races: Premier Sanctioned Races and Regional Sanctioned Races: 


The top 3 results of highest point value for each rider will count towards their rankings and will adjust after every Sanctioned Race. Only two of these results can come from a Premier race. If they do not attend 3 races, all their results will count. After the rankings have been calculated post Wheel Scorcher, the top ranked 7 Pro Men and top ranked 7 Pro Women along with the 3 automatic bids from the Premier Races will move on to Race for the Rail. These racers can earn Race for the Rail tiered points that will lead to a new ranking before the last race of the year at FloatLife Fest 7. FloatLife Fest 7 will be the final opportunity of the season to earn points and climb the ranks. At the end of the long weekend, we will crown our overall SEASON CHAMPIONS! Although only the Pro divisions are eligible for Race for the Rail, we will be tracking rankings for the following additional divisions which will have their own season champs: Legends and Clydesdale.​

PremIER Sanctioned


  • 1st place in Pro Men and Pro Women will automatically qualify for Race for the Rail 2023

  • ORL Awarded Prize Purses for Pro Categories:

    • 1st: $1,200 

    • 2nd: $700 

    • 3rd: $500 

  • Ranking points start at 250 for 1st place 


Regional Sanctioned Races: 

  • ORL Awarded Prize Purses for Pro Categories

    • 1st: $500 in gear

    • 2nd: $250 in gear

    • 3rd: $100 in gear

  • Ranking points start at 150 for 1st place 


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