What is Race for the Rail? 

Like all great races, the Onewheel Race for the Rail started with a couple friends, a hankering for speed, and the deep-seated desire to find the World’s Greatest Onewheel Rider! The winner of that first race got to hoist a spare frame rail that we customized and from that moment, Race for the Rail was born. Over the years, it has grown in size and scope into the premier Onewheel race on planet earth. The winner of Race for the Rail crowns the fastest rider on the planet and has the high honor of taking home the Rail.


How do I get an invitation to Race for the Rail? 

You can get an invitation by placing in the top (4) four at either qualifying race or by winning an at-large bid by performing well at one of the three (3) other sanctioned Onewheel races.


How do I travel to Race for the Rail?
All qualifying racers are responsible for travel and lodging to Race for the Rail. There will be prize purses for the top racers at the qualifiers this year to assist in paying for those costs. Food is provided for racers on event days. 


Can I ride my own board? 

Yes, you are required to use your own board for time trials. Racers who advance to the bracketed races will use ORL-certified GTs.


Can I use my XR for time trials? 

You can use any Onewheel board (GT, XR, Pint X, Pint, Onewheel+) during the time trials. Racers who advance to the bracketed races will use ORL-certified GTs.


Will there be a separate women’s Race for the Rail? 

Yes, we will have separate men’s and women’s brackets and crown two Race for the Rail Champions. 


How are the rider rankings calculated? 

Rider Rankings are based on and calculated by previous race data and coaches' polls.

Do I have to enter the qualifier nearest to me? 

No, you can participate in either or both qualifying races.


Can I enter multiple qualifiers/sanctioned races? 

Yes, you may compete in as many races as you would like. 


What if the qualifying races sell out? 

All qualifying races are first come, first serve. Both races can have a maximum of 200 racers. We recommend signing up for any qualifier you’re interested in as soon as it’s available. 


What is the minimum age to race? 

All racers must be 14 years of age at the time of the race. 


How can my event become a sanctioned Onewheel race? 

You have to meet a few venue and race logistic requirements and get course approval. Reach out to orl@onewheel.com to apply.