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2023 FAQ

What is the minimum age to race in an ORL division? 

All racers must be 14 years of age at the time of the race to participate in an ORL division: Men’s Pro, Women’s Pro, Legends, & Clydesdale. 


What racing divisions are ranked and what are their requirements? 

  • Pro Mens: Men or those who identify as male and are 14 years of age or older who race at the highest skill level. Those who compete in this division are eligible for Race for the Rail.

  • Pro Womens: Women or those who identify as female and are 14 years of age or older who race at the highest skill level. Those who compete in this division are eligible for Race for the Rail.

  • Legends: Men and Women over 50 years of age at the time of the race. Those who compete in this division are not eligible for Race for the Rail, but are eligible for Legends’ Season Champ.

  • Clydesdale: Men over 215 lbs at the time of the race. Those who compete in this division are not eligible for Race for the Rail but are eligible for Clydesdale Season Champ.

Can I race in different divisions at different races? 

Yes, but once you move up to the Pro division, you cannot race in a lower division for the rest of the season.

Will you be adding/including other divisions? 

We will evaluate the size and participation of each division at the end of the season and add/adjust for the next race season. There are many other divisions within each event that you can race in, however the divisions above are the only ones ranked for the Onewheel Racing League.


Can I ride my own board at the sanctioned races? 

Yes, you will need to provide your own Future Motion, Inc. Onewheel to race with at the Sanctioned Races. Your Onewheel must pass basic ORL certifications. Boards will be inspected for modifications to the motor or controller which are prohibited. Internal modifications of any kind are strongly discouraged. Additional board requirements may be in place at the discretion of each event organizer.


Some events may include other electric vehicles in their races however modifications to the board's motor or controller are not allowed in Onewheel Racing League divisions. The boards from the top three winners from each ORL division race will be checked at the end of each race.

Can I race on my XR at the sanctioned races? 

Sure thing!

How are the rider rankings calculated? 

Here is the full breakdown on how the ORL rankings are calculated. 


Can I enter multiple sanctioned races? 

Yes, you may compete in as many races as you would like. Only your top points from 3 races will count towards your rankings however. 


What if the sanctioned races sell out? 

All races are first come, first serve. Each race may have a different max capacity, so we recommend signing up for any race you’re interested in as soon as it’s available. 


How can my event become a sanctioned Onewheel race? 

Applications for 2023 sanctioned races are now closed. Follow @onewheelracingleague on instagram for updates on next year. 

How do the prize purses get paid? 

Prize purses are paid via check in the mail. The race organizer will have you fill out a w9 onsite post race and the check will then be processed and sent in the mail.

What is Race for the Rail? 

Like all great races, the Onewheel Race for the Rail started with a couple friends, a hankering for speed, and the deep-seated desire to find the Greatest Onewheel Rider! The winner of that first race got to hoist a spare frame rail that we customized and from that moment, Race for the Rail was born. Over the years, it has grown in size and scope into the premier Onewheel race on planet earth. The winner of Race for the Rail crowns the fastest rider in the States and has the high honor of taking home the Rail.


How do I get an invitation to Race for the Rail? 

You can get an invitation by placing first in 1 of the 2 Premier Sanctioned Races prior to Race for the Rail in the Pro division or by being ranked in the top 12 Pro Men’s or top 8 Pro Women’s division after the last sanctioned event. Our 2022 Race for the Rail champions will get an automatic bid for the last year and we will be giving 1 spot on both the men and women’s brackets to the top European Onewheel circuit rider. 


How do I travel to Race for the Rail?

All qualifying racers are responsible for travel and lodging to Race for the Rail. There will be prize purses at all of the Premiere Sanctioned races to help pay for these costs. 

What are the board requirements Race for the Rail?

Modifications to the motor, batteries, or controller will not be permitted. Tire changes and back footpad replacements are permitted with ORL certified parts. No foot binding devices will be permitted. Original Onewheel branding must remain visible. 

How are racers seeded in the brackets at Race for the Rail?

Racers will be seeded by their 2023 ORL rankings, including our 2022 returning champions. If a racer wins an automatic bid at a Premier Sanctioned Race, they will still be seeded by their overall ORL rank. The European Onewheel Circuit men's rider will be automatically be seeded at position 12 and the women's rider at position 7.

I don’t live in the US? Can I still compete? 

Yes! If you can travel to our races, you are welcome to compete. We are also taking the top man and woman from the European circuit to go to Race for the Rail. You can view their schedule here.

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