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2023 Point Rankings

2023 ORL rankings will be a point-based tiered system vs a percentage-based system. ORL rankings will determine who will compete at Race for the Rail, as well as determine Season Champions. The Season Champions will help give credit to those who put it all out on the line all season long. 


2023 Season
The season starts on January 1st, 2023. The final sanctioned event of the year will be FloatLife Fest 6. This is where the season champions will be crowned.


There are three different point tiers:

• Tier 1: Race for the Rail  

• Tier 2: Premier Sanctioned events 

• Tier 3: Regional Sanctioned events


Point Totals:

The top 3 results of highest point value for each rider will count towards their rankings. If they do not attend 3 races, all their results will count.


Points will be rewarded to the top 50 men and top 20 women at each sanctioned race.

If there is a tie in points, we will look at a 4th result from those racers. If both racers do not have a 4th result, then the mean place will be calculated for their 4th result. 


Other ranking info:

The Pro Men and Women’s rankings are the only rankings that count towards Race for the Rail. The Legends and Clydesdale divisions will have their own point values and rankings as seen below.


Breakdown of Points:

Powr Rankings

 Power Ranking- 7 of 7

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